PCS200 Work Truck


Tempronics PCS200 Work Truck Personal Climate System – Portable Heating and Cooling Seat Cover for Thermal Control Specifically Tailored for the Work Truck.

The Tempronics Personal Climate System – utilizes thermoelectric elements in the patented Climate Control Ribbon™ and Climate Insert™ in a portable, robust and efficient design for cooling and heating in ALL climate conditions. Ideal for vehicles without heat or air conditioning, or where heat or air conditioning is inadequate.  Designed to provide critical thermal relief in the most challenging environments such as Aviation, Military, Law Enforcement, Work Truck, Off-Road or even your personal vehicle. There is nothing else like it in the market today.

Tempronics: Our obsession is delivering impactful personalized climate solutions

Features Include:

  • Specifically designed for open cabin outdoor motor sport activities
  • Efficient thermoelectric technology
  • Plugs into your vehicle power source. Requires standard automotive 12-volt, 10-amp cigarette lighter, power outlet/accessory plug.
  • Provides real thermal stress relief for health, safety and comfort
  • Designed to meet automotive interior environmental, reliability and noise test protocols
  • Use 120-volt power with a 120V to 12V 10-amp DC converter (available on Amazon)
  • Simple and easy to install and operate



  • See photo for illustration: 22.5” seat back height, 17” seat back width, 20” seat cushion length, 20” seat cushion width, 7.25” front control flap length, 1.5” total thickness
  • PCS thickness is approximately 1.5”, please ensure proper seat height adjustment upon installation
  • Please ensure that the front flap doesn’t block critical seat adjustment and/or safety controls
  • Fold up dimensions 20 x 12.5 x 8”



  • Power: 12V/10A, ANSI/SAE J563 Vehicle Power Accessory Plug

(optional 120 V power supply for office/home use)

  • Control: HEAT/OFF/COOL and HIGH/LOW Rocker Switches



  • 212 Thermoelectric Cooling Elements
  • 20 CFM Pull-Through Ventilation
  • Average Time-to-Hot Sensation: 1 Minute
  • Average Time-to-Cold Sensation: 2-3 Minutes



  • Electrical/Electronics Components
  • Fluid and Salt Fog
  • Knee Load and Ingress/Egress Tests



  • Ventilation Areas: Breathable Spacer Mesh
  • Conductive Areas: Highly Conductive, Wear Resistant Fabric
  • Switches/Electronics: IP65/IP66
  • Note: Not suitable For Water sports or Continuously Wet Environments.




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